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Any effective sales team knows that without a good lead system, chances are the quote to close ratio is not where management wants it to be. Microsoft Dynamics CRM has created a separate area from your Accounts and Contacts to store leads so your database in protected from people you don’t know and potentially will never do business with. If you are constantly meeting new people and acquiring new prospects, this lead system is very simple and it allows you to track activities and capture the critical qualifying information needed to identify a sales opportunity.

Leads need to be treated like gold! Having an unorganized CRM, or no CRM at all, can cause confusion and so much unnecessary work that will, inevitably, keep the sales team off the phone and prevent them from successfully selling your product. A strategic and defined go-to-market strategy and specific execution plan must be in place so, at the end of the day, the leads that are in your CRM are beneficial to your organization. Let Reach for the Clouds, Inc. assess' your current sales process and define the areas that can be improved to help increase the overall sales numbers and introduce you to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the best place to store all your information!

It is so important that, as marketers who spend lots and lots of time and resources on creating marketing content and developing campaigns, we get it right the first time. The ultimate goal is to generate new leads that stem from marketing efforts and turn them into paying customers. It can never be taken for granted that this is an easy feat to accomplish, as coming up with original and effective ways to attract the attention of your desired audience and convert qualified leads is easier said than done. Studies have shown that marketing content that shows a product video speaks volumes to the majority. Also blogging consistently is an effective way to reach the masses and helps to generate leads.

Let Reach for the Clouds, Inc. assist you in how to set up your Microsoft Dynamics CRM so you are capturing all the leads possible, in all the right ways.

Branding goes far beyond just a good looking logo. It increases the value of a company, provides employees with a clear message and evokes enthusiasm, as well as gains the attention of new customers. It is important that the “powers that be” take the time to figure out what type of branding makes sense for what it is they are trying to accomplish. Since the brand of a company represents people’s perception of them, having an effective brand is crucial for their reputation. It not only improves recognition, creates trust and supports advertising, but builds invaluable financial stability.

Even if a company offers an amazing product or service, but has a tarnished brand due to poor customer service or a marketing effort that falls flat, it could be the demise of any business. Let Reach for the Clouds, Inc. guide your company in the right direction so this will never happen to you.

Arming your sales team with leads is critical to any organization, no matter the industry or the size. Relationships are even more critical so having sales reps have assigned territories will help understand geographical selling habits. Doing so will assure that your sales reps’ opportunities are centered in one general area so they can manage their time better. This will also assuredly reduce conflict amongst the sales team since there are no grey areas as to whose account belongs to who. Each sales rep will now be able to focus on a defined space and gain a strong local knowledge that they may not otherwise achieve if their territory was not confined. Reach for the Clouds, Inc. can help you define your organization’s market space and assist in putting together your sales team’s geographic territories in Microsoft Dynamics CRM so it is a “win-win” for everyone.

Ensuring that an organization’s leads are viable ones and they are being routed to the correct business entity is essential for new customer acquisitions and your company’s overall progression. As marketers, the pressure is always on to deliver qualified leads into the sales department or through the sales funnel. A sales funnel filled with worthwhile leads is a great way to validate that your marketing efforts are delivering value to your prospects. When lead generation is done successfully, everyone benefits.

In addition, comprehensive lead management strategies should be developed to maximize lead value and bring order and efficiency to the top of the marketing funnel. Such strategies emphasize quality, precision, and the increased probability of converting a lead into a sale. When well-executed, lead management strategies can produce significant savings, reduce time spent in the funnel and bring sales and marketing closer together.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM refers to the list of records as “views”. Views are generally based on the data from one entity, but can also display the data from related entities. Views can be configured to filter the data based on the business rules and display the selected columns of the source and the related entities. Microsoft Dynamics CRM dashboards are collections of view lists and charts that enable the user to pull in things like website information that you can modify to suit your needs to show key performance indicators and other important data.

Defining your business process, so that the linked tasks that were put in place ultimately result in the successful (and profitable) delivery of your products or services to the end client, is one of the most important things your organization will ever do. It is important that this process is clearly defined determining whether or not they fall into management processes, operational processes or supporting processes so there is no confusion in regards to everyone’s internal roles. Throughout the business process, ensuring that lead development is happening as it should be, so everything falls into place, is a must. It must be carefully thought about and systematically executed so your company’s leads are all tangible ones. Each lead must have the potential to become an actual sale for how else will you increase your company’s overall profits.

Having a tough time working out which chart to use to best display your data? Worry no more…Reach for the Clouds, lnc.’s BI solution has an auto chart feature that can select the best chart for the job every time and if you want to choose a specific chart, you can. To understand a business you need to look at it from different perspectives. It's great to be able to choose from a wide range of visualizations to find the one that makes the most sense. This solution provides a broad set of charting options designed to deliver highly interactive visualization to analyze business data.

The only way to successfully hone in on how to capture what your clients’ needs are, is to invest your time and energy into a CRM that will produce results…Microsoft Dynamics CMR has proven to do just that. Since the core of Dynamics’ functionality is relationship management, it is designed to manage business to business relationships. By analyzing your data in the CRM using the account and contact records, you have the ability to change names to suit your business’s needs. Your marketing team can target their audience in more effective way and, in turn, increase the success or your organization.



Microsoft Dynamics CRM is built on reliable, industry-standard technology and is an adaptable and affordable CRM system that can grow and change with your business. The new online subscription model allows you to add and drop users when needed and is a pay as you go model.

Reach for the Clouds, Inc. can seamlessly transition your business over to Dynamics, giving you more marketing, sales, account management, data compilation and social tracking features than ever before. The powerful new version of this software boasts a host of upgraded features which can be an invaluable resource for driving increased sales and customer retention rates.There are many reasons as to why an organization should choose Dynamics CRM based on such criteria as cost, office integration, document management, expandability, managing customers for sales, marketing, and support. We are confident that after Reach for the Clouds, Inc. walks you through all these benefits, you too will be ready to implement Dynamics CRM to get your business on the cutting edge of Microsoft Cloud technology.

Dynamics CRM is a powerful business application platform - a foundation that will carry your business into the future. Typically, successful CRM implementation require extensive planning and preparation and sometimes can take years to fully Implement. Is that realistic in todays business environment? With Reach For The Clouds extensive implementation expertize and experience we will have you fully operational in months not years.
Core tenants include:
  • Centralization – one location for storing and accessing data
  • Simplification – with Dynamics the focus is on configuration not development – saving you time and money
  • Standardization – a constant user experience leads to faster adoption and lower training costs.

Reach The Clouds offers proven support for Microsoft Dynamics , we provide our customers leading expertise and a mature range of methods, tools and processes to manage and support the Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions we deliver.

We leverage cloud and hybrid deployment architectures. Our world class team is dedicated to providing on-going support, maintenance, upgrades and customization for your Microsoft Dynamics solutions.

Let Reach for the Clouds, Inc. manage and support your CRM environment.

Reach For The Clouds is committed to offering our customers the best training in the industry, delivering meaningful business results on the Microsoft Dynamics platform. End users can make or break the success of any new business application. Those users can also be your most valuable asset, that is why we support their training and career development as a top priority.

Our best-in-class training solutions will insure your Dynamics application not only meets the technical requirements of the business but has the full support of the end users who use it on a daily bases.