No matter the size of your company or whether or not you sell products or services, each organization has the same reason for their existence…to make a profit. If they don’t formulate a strategic plan that systematically manages their finances and cash flow, then what is the point? By embracing revenue management, you can take sensible, practical steps that will help you control spending, all while growing your business and avoiding unnecessary financial risks. Cash flow issues and mismanaged finances are major causes of a businesses downward spiral and ultimate failure. Some companies fail to plan properly, some set their sights too high or low, some don't keep track of costs and some fail to chase payment. There is a way to maximize your chances of business success by being aware of the pitfalls you may encounter. If you use revenue management to its fullest potential, each group or department within your company will have a clear sense of what actions they need to take to increase overall profitability. Any company that can implant this viewpoint into its day to day culture will likely reap the benefits, producing a greater impact on revenues and margins. This in turn will lead to innovation and increased moral, resulting in a happy, productive workforce.

One of Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s most efficient capabilities is that of invoice automation. By using such a productive and secure system, manual data entry will be reduced by up to 90%, therefore saving the company lots of money in AP costs. Getting the financial end of your business in order is no easy task and mistakes made by human error can cost the company thousands of dollars. Once paper and invoice files are turned into electronic data, Dynamics is ready to process your automated invoices. This takes away the maintenance and hassle of manual invoice submission and ensures that your customers will get their invoices quickly, prompting faster payments.

Let Reach for the Clouds, Inc. show you in Dynamics how to best use this single point of entry, that is available anywhere, anytime, for decentralized invoice processing. As there is minimal amount of training and set-up required, this is a perfect solution for your business’ invoicing needs!

Keeping track of time and expenses for billable consultants in your organization has never been easier with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. If your consultants are not entering their invoices in a timely manner, or if they aren’t keeping to the expectations and goals that your company has set forth, you might be losing profits. Dynamics enables billables to be easily accessible to the right people so they can see accurate, up to date utilization rates and times of your billable consultants. The bottom line is, higher utilization rates equal higher profitability.

Dynamics makes project management seamless for any organization. Most time tracking systems are complicated and make it laborious to enter time, especially for a busy consultant who may be working remotely. Project Management is built right into Dynamics CRM and makes recording time quick and easy, so there’s no excuse for not getting it done every day. Once time is entered, it can be calculated and tracked against defined projects, tasks and milestones. You can see if a consultant is underutilized and what sorts of other tasks they are performing. Project Management for Dynamics CRM will help you see how efficiently your billable consultants are working and ensure that your company is working smarter.

Are you feeling the pain of having too many excel spreadsheets or paper-based forms and reports, making calculating for what customers owe you and how long they have owed you, a near impossibility? There is nothing that can put your company in financial ruin faster than an unreliable archaic database that lacks the functionality it needs to produce an organized view of all the revenue that is owed to your company.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM empowers you to better service your current customers with a complete view of their revenue and booking history, as well as the details surrounding monies owed. The Accounts Receivable list and maintenance pages in Dynamics enables you to receive payments from customers for invoices that have balances due. Reach for the Clouds, Inc. can walk you through the best ways to use Dynamics so you are systematically making sure to collect each and every outstanding dollar.

Having an organized and accurate expense tracking system for your employees and their managers in your CRM is vital to the success of the organization’s overall operations. No more dumping a pile of receipts on your boss’s desk, hoping that you get a reimbursement check for the correct amount. With Expense Manager in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can easily track client-related expenses to better manage your business expenses tied with your activities. You can tie expenses to CRM Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Activities or Projects so the monies are coming out of the correct entity for reporting purposes.

Dynamics compliance roles control which users are allowed to “post” and expense. The user can easily attach a copy of the bill or invoice the expense pertains to and then the management can start their approval process. A ribbon makes it very easy to handle expenses from beginning to end as you simply Attach File, Submit, Approve, Reject, and Reimburse. Each expense can be categorized for Project Specific Expense, such as Travel, Lunch/Dinner, Mileage, etc. or General Business Accounting that integrates with company Accounts.

It is important that the people keeping track of your company’s finances has a really good handle on what Invoices are out there and for how many days certain ones are past due. It is also good to know how many quotes have been sent to clients that have yet to turn into actual Invoices. These analytics can be easily derived in Microsoft Dynamics CRM by the creation of a reports and/or visual dashboards. Let’s say you want a listing of which clients have invoices that are still outstanding, or more specifically, which ones are overdue. Based on their permissions, the user can simply go to the Dashboard area from within the Sales, Service, or Marketing top navigation, and then click Dashboards. By clicking the “new” button located on the menu navigation, a new dashboard layout option will open up allowing you to see which sample chart you want your dashboard to look like. By pulling in various, selected data regarding existing quotes and/or invoices, you can now have an overall view of information, such as which Sales Rep’s ratio of quotes turned into invoices is the greatest, for example.

It is so important to analyze this type of data on an ongoing basis so you are always aware of your business’s financial health. By using Dynamics’ easy-to-generate reports and dashboards in this fashion, you can easily mandate your employees overall performance to determine if they are actually helping or impeding your business.

Reach for the Clouds, Inc. has an expert team on hand to come in and evaluate your company’s internal processes’, pertaining to quote and invoice management, to make sure you are being the most efficient you can be. Is there a redundancy in workflow, in other words, are there too many people doing the same function? Can these “touches” be reduced so certain individuals’ skill set can be put to better use? For example, it is imperative that if you have two people processing quotes and invoices that both are following the same procedures and doing it the same way. There is so much to be said for consistency, not only for the orderliness of your internal methodologies, but for simple fact that a client wants to see things done the same way each and every time.



Microsoft Dynamics CRM is built on reliable, industry-standard technology and is an adaptable and affordable CRM system that can grow and change with your business. The new online subscription model allows you to add and drop users when needed and is a pay as you go model.

Reach for the Clouds, Inc. can seamlessly transition your business over to Dynamics, giving you more marketing, sales, account management, data compilation and social tracking features than ever before. The powerful new version of this software boasts a host of upgraded features which can be an invaluable resource for driving increased sales and customer retention rates.There are many reasons as to why an organization should choose Dynamics CRM based on such criteria as cost, office integration, document management, expandability, managing customers for sales, marketing, and support. We are confident that after Reach for the Clouds, Inc. walks you through all these benefits, you too will be ready to implement Dynamics CRM to get your business on the cutting edge of Microsoft Cloud technology.

Dynamics CRM is a powerful business application platform - a foundation that will carry your business into the future. Typically, successful CRM implementation require extensive planning and preparation and sometimes can take years to fully Implement. Is that realistic in todays business environment? With Reach For The Clouds extensive implementation expertize and experience we will have you fully operational in months not years.
Core tenants include:
  • Centralization – one location for storing and accessing data
  • Simplification – with Dynamics the focus is on configuration not development – saving you time and money
  • Standardization – a constant user experience leads to faster adoption and lower training costs.

Reach The Clouds offers proven support for Microsoft Dynamics , we provide our customers leading expertise and a mature range of methods, tools and processes to manage and support the Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions we deliver.

We leverage cloud and hybrid deployment architectures. Our world class team is dedicated to providing on-going support, maintenance, upgrades and customization for your Microsoft Dynamics solutions.

Let Reach for the Clouds, Inc. manage and support your CRM environment.

Reach For The Clouds is committed to offering our customers the best training in the industry, delivering meaningful business results on the Microsoft Dynamics platform. End users can make or break the success of any new business application. Those users can also be your most valuable asset, that is why we support their training and career development as a top priority.

Our best-in-class training solutions will insure your Dynamics application not only meets the technical requirements of the business but has the full support of the end users who use it on a daily bases.