Web Intelligence

Web Intelligence for Dynamics 365

Want to know what a specific prospective customer has viewed on your site before making the opening call? Reach for the Clouds, Inc.'s Dynamics 365 ClickDimensions Marketing Solution will help you discover who is interested in your products and services because you will see the actual web activity of anonymous and identified visitors on your website.

The marketing service operates in real time thus showing you site visits, page views and form captures often within a second of when they occur on your site. The data is brought into Dynamics CRM so you can immediately trigger a workflow from it and/or include it in CRM reports and advanced find views.

As anonymous visitors browse your site, ClickDimensions identifies the organizations from which they are visiting as well as their location. ClickDimensions tracks all visits to as many of your websites, blogs, etc. that you want to track.

Reach for the Clouds, Inc. Integrated Dynamics 365 integrated marketing social discovery feature.

Web Intelligence for Dynamics Marketing!

Reduce system hardware costs

Simplified data backups - data automatically update as you work, but it also creates copies of your data off-site where it will be safe from any local natural disaster, theft or malfunction

Mobile Working - access and sync your data from wherever you are

Easy access to applications and data from different computers and devices

Information Sharing sharing files can be as easy as sending a link, eliminating the cumbersome process of emailing large files

Eliminate application upgrade costs

Consolidate your separate application needs into one multi-application cloud computing service

Reduce or eliminate the need to buy software

Growth Planning - The Cloud is scalable, allowing you to create a plan for growth that utilizes the benefits of the Cloud without a significant up-front investment.

Flexibility – switch applications easily and rapidly choosing the best options for your needs