Skype has truly changed the way we communicate in our fast paced, technologically advanced surroundings. Chances are you are already using Skype to stay in touch with family and friends using this humanistic approach to communication. Skype for Business, a new tool that enables you to easily connect with co-workers all while using the same devices you already have to reach out to other businesses, has the same contacts list, presence indicators, buttons and icons, and even the app sounds that you are familiar with. If you're coming to Skype for Business from Lync, you'll recognize all of the features you already use but in a fresh new interface with simplified controls and some great new additions.

Office 365 and Skype for Business - One platform for calling, conferencing, video, and sharing. Your teams will connect like they never have before with the Office applications they use every day.

Make calls, receive calls, and transfer business calls in the office, at home, or while on the road, using your phone, your PC, and your mobile device without the need for a traditional phone system. Choose PSTN calling plans delivered by Microsoft, or use existing phone lines at your locations.

The dial-in capability allows attendees to join Skype for Business from any telephone by dialing a local access number. Need to add someone, simply call them from the meeting and they will be added. No internet no problem, PSTN Conferencing has you covered.

The dial-in capability allows attendees to join Skype for Business from any telephone by dialing a local access number. Need to add someone, simply call them from the meeting and they will be added. No internet no problem, PSTN Conferencing has you covered.

Skype for Business calls are secure without a VPN, communications are secured, with signaling and media encrypted by default. Regulatory compliance is ensured, with built-in security, encryption, archiving, and call detail records.

Most businesses today pay for multiple conferencing solutions, and are still using legacy PBX phone systems. With Skype for Business, you can simplify your infrastructure with one cloud platform for voice and meetings, reducing the cost, complexity and effort of maintaining legacy phone and conferencing systems


As your business evolves, it is time to take advantage of the investments that Microsoft has made into their cloud infrastructure. By implementing Office 365, and its subscription-based online suite of software products, improved productivity for your organization is a given. Useful components that fall under Office 365 that seem to be the most popular are Exchange Online for your email and daily desktop applications such as Word, Excel, PowePoint, OneNote and Lync. SharePoint Online is also a great tool for simple document sharing and storage online. Let Reach for the Clouds introduce you to Office 365 and all that it has to offer. Take advantage of having your infrastructure in the cloud where your productivity software suite is fully integrated and where these products can provide your business one cohesive solution.


You will be amazed at how easy Office 365 is to administer. It operates through an easy-to-use web based Admin Console and with template-driven, drop down tools you can create a customer user experience tailored to your company’s needs. With everything moving to the cloud, you will realize very quickly just how efficiently and productively your staff can work away from the office. Microsoft Office 365 collaboration tools such as SharePoint makes this transition very seamless. When embarking on the switch to Office 365, you want to make sure you are getting the most out of this technology. Let Reach for the Clouds do the implementation for you to figure out variables such as: what licenses your organization actually needs, how to go about creating a technical plan for the roll out, how to test the system on a small group prior to making a company wide change or strategies around user adoption.


Reach For The Clouds is committed to offering our customers the best training in the industry, delivering meaningful business results on the Microsoft Office 365 platform. End users can make or break the success of any new business application. Those users can also be your most valuable asset, that is why we support their training and career development as a top priority.

Our best-in-class training solutions will insure your Office 365 application not only meets the technical requirements of the business but has the full support of the end users who use it on a daily bases.


With any proficient operating system, you must continually maintain and service the environment so it runs like a well-oiled machine. Reach for the Clouds will operate your business’ Microsoft Office 365 services after deployment, managing its identities, dependencies, requirements and supporting technologies in order to sustain its usability and ultimate long term success. Specifically, they will manage cloud identies and security implementations, monitor and troublshoot O365 availability and usage, manage clients and end-user devices, and configure Exchange Online and Lync Online for end users, just to name a few. The time that you would otherwise spend on learning all the intricacies of what goes into sustaining O365 can now be spent on actionable items that will promote profitability for your organization.