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Every customer is unique, every situation is different. Businesses turn to Reach for the Clouds for many reasons. But, in most cases, it boils down to a single word: Trust.

Leveraging our knowledge of your business, we’re able to create world-class solutions that incorporate more than just the latest technology. There’s tremendous value in designing innovative solutions that match your needs, function the way you operate, and incorporate the workflows you prefer. To complement that powerful portfolio, we provide a variety of service and support offerings that tap into the experience base of our best people as solution architects, trainers, and support technicians.

Over time, with the right mix of products and people, you begin to build a reputation for delivering the goods. You become known by your client base. Those relationships are founded on a genuine interest in creating win-win scenarios that make everyone’s business grow.

Reach for the Clouds, Inc. understands our clients need real time data, along with the changing in our economic climate, organizations need the ability to manage their internal IT costs with simplicity and ease. Driven by the fact that more and more organizations are using cloud computing services to integrate their IT practices, Reach for the Clouds, Inc. was strategically formulated to take the complex, disparate infrastructure you have today and bring it forward into the cloud, taking advantage of the immeasurable scope the cloud offers while still meeting security and compliance requirements.

Compatible with SQL Server 2005,2008, 2008 R2, 2012 and 2014 Support for 32bit and 64bit Server/Desktop OS Easy to use (simple drag and drop). For both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of SQL Server 2012.

Reach for the Clouds, Inc. recommends that you run SQL Server 2012 on computers with the NTFS file format. Installing SQL Server 2012 on a computer with FAT32 file system is supported but not recommended as it is less secure than the NTFS file system. SQL Server Setup will block installations on read-only, mapped, or compressed drives. To make sure that the Visual Studio component can be installed correctly, SQL Server requires you to install an update. SQL Server Setup checks for the presence of this update and then requires you to download and install the update before you can continue with the SQL Server installation.

To avoid the interruption during SQL Server Setup, you can download and install the update before running SQL Server Setup as described below (or install all the updates for .NET 3.5 SP1 available on Windows Update): If you install SQL Server 2012 on a computer with the Windows Vista SP2 or Windows Server 2008 SP2 operating system, you can get the required update from here. If you install SQL Server 2012 on a computer with the Windows 7 SP1 or Windows server 2008 R2 SP1 or Windows Server 2012 or Windows 8 operating system, this update is included. The installation of SQL Server 2012 fails if you launch the setup through Terminal Services Client. Launching SQL Server Setup through Terminal Services Client is not supported.

SQL Server Setup installs the following software components required by the product:

SQL Server Native Client
SQL Server Setup support files

No license needed if you are developing/testing in BIDS/SSDT Rapid update cycle and prompt support. See how easy it is to integrate this custom tasks in Microsoft Integration Services (SSIS). Schedule a demonstration of the products features and functions today.

Reach for the Clouds, Inc. has a certified consultants and trainers to help in all areas of the 'CLOUD'. The resources below will be managed on a daily basis and we are determined to always giving you the latest information on the market and a knowledge base to get you started.