Is your server or servers getting old? Have you pushed it to the end of its lifespan? Have you reached that stage where it’s time to do something about it? Join the crowd. You’re now at that decision point that so many other business people are finding themselves this year. Do you replace that old server with a new server OR do you go to the Cloud ? Everyone’s talking about the cloud nowadays so you really should do your due diligence and, at the very least, understand the many benefits that it can provide. Just think…this could be a great new thing for your company!

The cloud can enable companies like yours to be more flexible and save on their IT costs. It allows free and easy access to data for employees from wherever they are, using whatever devices they want to use. Not only have the latest surveys found that small businesses that adopt cloud technologies enjoy higher revenues, but recent analysis have said that small businesses are losing money as a result of ineffective IT management that could be much improved by the use of cloud based services . The bottom line is that cloud users cite cost savings, increased efficiency and greater innovation as key benefits.

Change is always scary and Reach for the Clouds totally gets that. The thing about transitioning from server based services to cloud based Services and Software is that every company, whether it is a startup or a virtual company or a company whose employees are distributed around the world, can reap the rewards of making this switch. Let’s face it; there will always be some small businesses that will continue to buy hardware. However, they will find that over time servers will show their age, applications will run slower and now, as companies find themselves growing their infrastructure, their old machines will reach their limit.

When Data moves........

The 'Cloud' has something to offer for every company, big or small. Reach for the Cloud can guide you through this journey.

Assess and Plan

The Cloud provides businesses with the ability to shift capital dollars to other places needed by the business

Data Sources and Databases

Simplify your technology, by reducing, even removing the need to manage complicated on premise hardware and software

Organizational Development

Nurture your team spirit, bond your staff and link remote offices by utilizing a single, centralized cloud architecture

Reporting and Analysis

The cloud is the best thing to happen to Business Intelligence, making it possible for users to find, try, buy, analyze, share, collaborate, and learn at a fraction of the cost

Data Collection and Cleansing

Moving and accessing data in user friendly drag and drop format saves time and money.

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Reach for the Clouds is passionate about helping the ever evolving business world with the benefits of the cloud.