Delivering data, applications, and analytics in the cloud!

Enterprises all over the world have accelerated performance and productivity by moving to Microsoft Cloud. With flavors to accommodate small businesses and large enterprises alike, Microsoft and Reach for the Clouds, Inc.has brought to the table a truly scalable subscription based product solution that will grow with your company.

Download the SSIS Integration Lightning Pack and connect to all data sources and applications with SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).


Our SSIS Lightning Integration, comprised of custom transformations, custom sources, and application connections for SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) gives you the ability to connect to all your data across multiple sources with SQL Server Integartion Services (SSIS).

Our software integrates directly into Business Intelligence Studio (BIDS) and offers lightning fast and flexible custom tasks for data extraction, transformation, and loading.

With the 'out of the box connections' already built into our StratusBI Analytics software, Reach for the Clouds, Inc. has developed a suite of custom SSIS, sources and destination adaptors.Our custom SSIS integration software enables your business to connect to any data source at any time!


StratusBI is a business intelligence, dashboard, reporting and data analysis web application that can enhance your business from the moment it is implimented. Our application allows reporting from data stored in relational databases, multi-dimensional cubes or in-memory analytical databases.

Unlike most Business Intelligence (BI) software, we deliver all the BI functionality you need via a single-integrated platform. Business intelligence continues to be one of the fastest-moving areas in the Corporate Enterprise . Techniques used to drive adoption and unlock value from data are multiplying. Among these trends are an increased appetite for advanced analytics, and new approaches for governance of self-service BI. StratusBI gives the end-user full control of their data to create their own reporting and dashboards.


The Microsoft Cloud Platform approach allows IT infrastructures to get all the benefits of scale, speed, and agility, while still protecting existing investments. Reach for the Clouds, Inc. has a cloud model that can seamlessly modernize your business infrastructure, making technology work to your advantage so it is not thought of as just another business expense.

With our Microsoft Solutions, you can choose your own path to 'modern business' with flexible, complete and trusted solutions for your business, whether it be desktop to mobile or server to cloud.

Make better-informed decisions with a cloud-based solution that turns data into real-time operational intelligence. Reach out to see how the Cloud is an inevitable fit for your business.